Damian Balassone’s poems have appeared in over 100 publications, including The New York Times, Quadrant, Overland, Arena, Eureka Street, Reader’s Digest, First Things, Light Poetry Magazine and Lighten Upas well as being broadcast on ABC Radio and praised in The Age.   His second collection of poetry was recently published by Ginninderra Press and is available for purchase at Readings bookstores.

This page acts as a map for poems published online, as well as providing details of forthcoming publications:

The Galaxy for Our Eyes and 4 other poems in Blackmail Press.

Dandaloo and Byron Loved the Sea in New Formalist.

Pinocchio On Stage, Nigella’s Gnocchi, Actor’s Lament and Beauty and the Billionaire in various editions of Lighten Up.

Donna’s Doonas and Defrocked in various editions of Light Poetry Magazine (America’s oldest and best-known journal of light verse).

The Attitudes in Light Poetry Magazine (poem of the week).

The Mormon and the Mermaid in Shot Glass Journal.

Jeremiah’s Lament for Josiah in First Things.

The Shell Collector in Tongues of the Ocean.

In Praise of Carbohydrates in The Footy Almanac, originally published in Quadrant.

Toil in The New York Times (about half way down the page).

Judas and Jezebel in Eureka Street (about half way down the page).

Dylan, the Devil and Judas in Overland.   For further exploration of recurring  themes in Dylan’s lyrics see the article Jokerman.

The Last Bison in Green Left Weekly.

The Blue Bay Café and Two Mirrors in Mused: Bella Online Literary Review.

Friend of the Devil in Stereo Stories.

The Man from Moe at the Red Room Poetry initiative The Disappearing.

Damian’s second collection of poems Daniel Yammacoona can be purchased from Readings or by contacting the author direct.


Of the 45 poems featured, all have previously been published, with the exception of the title piece Daniel Yammacoona, a sweeping narrative poem with a desert setting, fused with themes of family, country, Australian football and other contemporary issues that touch the human spirit.  

Daniel Yammacoona reviewed at Cordite.

Prince of the Apple Towns is available from Brotherhood Books

Footy Quatrains in the sports journal Long Bombs to Snake.  It is reviewed in The Age by Martin Flanagan here with a nice reference to Damian’s poetry.

Carnival of Colours and To Jay-Z at The Asses of Parnassus.

Boxcutter Blues in Mused.

The Lighthouse in Anansesem, previously published in Footprints.

The Rainmaker a tribute to Burt Lancaster in Verse Wisconsin.

Other poems recently published in print form include:

A Day in the Lie, Larkin was a Larrikin, On Bail in Bali, Tinnitus, The Lotus Looters, Strange Dismissal, The Tears of Spock, Accolades for the Acolyte, In Praise of Carbohydrates, Barry Gibb, Strange Rain, The iMirror and many other poems in various editions of Quadrant (chosen by the legendary Les Murray).  Poems are available in pixel via the Quadrant pay wall.

The Man from Moe, Sailing to Gothenburg, The Window Cleaner and The Leprechaun Kingdom in News Weekly.

Dandaloo in Arena magazine.

The Giant Badgers of Basra in Australian Rationalist in response to a story that giant badgers were roaming the streets of Basra.

The Writer’s New Book in Reader’s Digest.

The Last Bison in Deadly Vibe.

The Stonefish in Sea Things (a project commissioned by ABC Radio National and the The Red Room Company).  There’s also a short poem by Damian in the Red Room Company initiative The Disappearing (which originally appeared in Haiku Dreaming).

The Flower Girls of Fiji and The Messiah from Moe in Australian Poetry Journal (Sotto).

The Sportsman or the Scientist? in the anthology And the Crowd Goes Wild: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems.

And for sports fans who lean towards the feats of the mercurial: the 35 greatest goals from the boot of Peter Daicos.

Contact:      damian.balassone@gmail.com